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This Mom Working From Home Posted FAQs For Her Kids And I Can Totally Relate

OMG! This is hilarious! This lady made FAQs for her kids while she works from home, and she is ALL OF US!

Courtesy of Kate VanDusen Danielson on Facebook

Raise your hand if you are trying to work from home with kids. *Hand Raised High* The struggle is real, y’all. Ha!

Kate VanDusen Danielson is just trying to be a mommy and also get her work done at the same time. Like all of us, it appears she is bombarded with the SAME EXACT questions all day from her kids.

Not only that, they are the SAME EXACT questions my kids ask every ten minutes.

Courtesy of Kate VanDusen Danielson on Facebook

If I hear “I’m hungry,” “What’s for dinner,” or “I’m bored” one more time — well, I won’t do anything. It’s going to just keep happening, so I may as well embrace it, and go about my day.

BUT NOT KATE! She has one upped the working from home mommy game by posting FAQs and rules on her door for when the kids come bother visit with her.

Courtesy of Kate VanDusen Danielson on Facebook

Gah! I love it! She has even included printables on her post, so we can all take advantage of her smart idea. She is so stinkin’ nice!

I have to go over to her Facebook page, and Thank Her right now. I’d hug her, if it were social distancing acceptable.

You can check out Kate’s Facebook post, below.