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You Can Get Hocus Pocus Masks That Make Your Face Look Like A Sanderson Sister

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These are the coolest face masks EVER! I highly suggest that if you are a Hocus Pocus fan and want one of these Hocus Pocus face masks that you speed on over there right now and order them. They sell out FAST!


You can get each of the Sanderson sisters mouths on a mask. Everyone that is a fan will instantly know who they represent.


These are reusable adult sized face masks. They are made with a Polyester outer layer that prevents droplets. The masks are also antimicrobial!


The reviews are fantastic on these super light and comfortable face masks. You need to make sure that you hand wash only (up to 30 times). Hang to dry only. Do not iron them with any high temperatures.


Also, you’ll want to wash these before using, because that is just smart. Make sure that you do not use a detergent that has bleach in it. Bleach can eat away at the fabrics. I love that these are made right here in the US!


You can purchase your own Hocus Pocus Face Masks from SwarmtrendyStore on Etsy for only $15.30 each! You may want to go ahead and grab one of each so you are stocked up on Hocus Pocus face masks, especially for Halloween!


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  1. The shop Swarmtrendystore is on break?? So can’t order anything ☹️

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