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Did You Know That Parts of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Was Actually Filmed In Japan?

Did you know that parts of Cobra Kai, Season 3, were ACTUALLY filmed in Okinawa, Japan?? It’s true.

Have you watched Season 3 of Cobra Kai yet? Oh my goodness! So much happened!!

Courtesy of Netflix

Not only did Ali — the former love interest of both Daniel and Johnny — make an appearance in Season 3, but Daniel headed back to Japan to chase the ghost of Mr. Miyagi.

In going back to Okinawa, he reconnected with some former friends and foes of The Karate Kid Part II — and I loved every minute of it!!

But wait!! Things aren’t always as they seem in the world of television and movies.

As it turns out, there has been a bit of trickery going on, because this is actually the FIRST time that Ralph Macchio has been to Okinawa as Daniel LaRusso.

Wait. What??

Way back in 1989, The Karate Kid Part II, which was supposed to take place mostly in Japan, was actually filmed in — wait for it — Hawaii.

Way to burst my perfect little Karate Kid bubble, right?

This little trick was definitely not the last time that we were duped into thinking the characters were somewhere they weren’t.

Courtesy of Netflix

Cobra Kai supposedly takes place in Southern California, right? But, guess what — they film the series mostly in Georgia!!

Now, this doesn’t go for EVERYTHING that is filmed on Cobra Kai. According to Reel to Real, some of the filming does actually take place in California.

The exterior of Johnny’s apartment, for example, is in Tarzana, California, and some of the neighborhood shots are actually filmed in Encino and Reseda, California.

BUT, the exterior of the Cobra Kai dojo is actually in a strip mall located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The LaRusso family home? The ACTUAL exterior of the home is located in Marietta, Georgia, nowhere near California!!

As for the car dealership that Daniel owns? In the real world, it is located in Union City, Georgia.

Then, to get even more confusing, a lot of the INTERIOR shots of everything occur on a soundstage, and not at the actual locations, themselves. Yikes!

BUT, as long as you can suspend reality just a little bit, it looks as if the entire show seamlessly takes place in Southern California.

I’m okay with that! It’s the magic of television shows and movies, and I love every bit of it!