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Matt Rife Has A Message to Fans Who Really Want His Comedy Tour Tickets

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Matt Rife – the guy everyone is talking about whether or not, they know who he is.

He is also the guy that seems to be the new “Taylor Swift” concert ticket fiasco because people, are having a hard time getting tickets to his comedy tour.


Well, it looks like that Matt has heard everyone’s frustration and he has a message to fans.

Now, this message was originally posted in April 2023. However, given the sudden spike in his popularity and the frustration of so many, it seems appropriate to share once again.

What Matt Rife Has to Say to Fans About Comedy Tour Tickets

After hearing messages from fans everywhere, complaining about the lack of tickets available, the cost and the frustration trying to sit in a queue just for a chance to get tickets, Matt Rife has a message…

In a video posted to Twitter, Matt Rife says:

“Hey everybody, I wanted to make a quick announcement, hoping to help some people out from getting scammed in the future.”

He continues:

“I see a lot of tweets and DM’s and comments and a lot of people are getting scammed for tickets. And you guys have to know, and I’ve said this plenty of times before, my tickets are not hundreds and hundreds of dollars.”

He continues:

“That’s f-ing insane. My tickets are never more than like a hundred dollars ever. That’s for like, front row at a beautiful, majestic ass theater, like a crazy big show and even that’s like the VIP kind-of, thing. Ya know?”

He then goes onto say:

“No comedian’s tickets are $500 so don’t spend that to come see me. I’m telling you, first and foremost, it’s not worth it, okay. I’ll be the first person to tell you that. Those are scammers and resellers. Do not buy from them. Those are people with either fake tickets, or they’re just selling them for a profit and I would rather those seats be empty and make those mother f-kers take a loss then you not be able to pay your rent because you wanted to come see me live.”

Live Nation

He then finished by saying:

“I’ll come see you again for a cheaper ticket, okay? Be patient. I promise. Be careful.”

So bottom line is – try to get tickets but don’t overpay for them and don’t stress about it. There will be plenty of Matt Rife to go around…

You can watch the full video of Matt Rife’s message to fans below.

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