No, The National Guard Did Not Say There Is A Mandatory Nationwide Quarantine

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It’d be great if we could just stop all the unnecessary drama and rumors. I am quite over it.

The newest rumor circulating this week is that The National Guard has made a mandatory 2-week quarantine nationwide. It is FALSE and they did NOT say that.

A post began circulating social media with several claims about COVID-19 restrictions, quarantine, and mobilizing troops. The National Guard has said that is false.

The Utah National Guard posted on Twitter Monday saying:

“The role of the UTNG is to assist our communities by enhancing capabilities in the state’s COVID-19 response. Please help us stop these rumors!”

Yes, this is the Utah National Guard saying it’s false but it isn’t true for the entire National Guard either.

In case you didn’t know, people like to create these fake images in photoshop and then post and spread them across social media which you know, spreads like wildfire.

In fact, this exact rumor was spreading back in June and nothing like that has happened yet and it’s November so I am pretty sure it’s NOT happening.

Although, I won’t lie, our state is under a State of Emergency because people won’t stay home, wear masks and social distance so, I sort of hope this would happen (aside from essential workers/businesses) so we could get a dang handle on this virus.

Bottom line is, no there is no mandatory lockdown nationwide so you can continue on with your day. Oh, and stop believing everything you read on social media.

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