Pillsbury’s Ghost And Pumpkin Shaped Cookie Dough Is Back And It’s Now Safe To Eat Raw

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Pillsbury had a genius idea to make all of their cookie dough recipes safe to eat raw. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t grab a bite or two of raw cookie dough before you throw the bad boys in for baking.

I know I do and now, Pillsbury has made it a lot safer to do so and we have the Pillsbury dough boy to thank for all of his hard work.


Speaking of the iconic cookie dough, I have to remind myself that sugar cookies are just as good as chocolate chip.


You might be familiar with Pillsbury’s previous ghost and pumpkin shaped cookie dough; since we’re about a little over a month away from the first day of Fall and only three months till spooky season, the Halloween themed cookie dough is finally back in stores.


The Halloween themed cookie dough was spotted at Target and as always, this cookie dough is only back for a limited time only; so get your hands on the 24 precut pack while you can!


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