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These Are The Exclusive Starbucks Mugs You Can Get in Disney World

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My Starbucks loving, mug collecting, tumbler fanatic heart just skipped a beat! I already LOVE everything Disney, but check out these Starbucks cups that are available only in the Disney Parks (and on eBay, I’m sure).

This cold-beverage tumbler has all four Disney World Parks represented, and comes with a Starbucks-Green straw!

I’m in love. Seriously, it has Cinderella’s Castle, the Tower of Terror, the Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth (the EPCOT ball), and even tons of Disney’s trademark magical fireworks!

If you are a collector of Starbucks memorabilia, you are familiar with the “Been There Series.”

\You can get these mugs in MOST states — maybe ALL states — to boast about your travels. Well, hold on to your magical mugs — they have them in EVERY Disney Park!


Right now, they even have little “Been There” mugs that are Christmas ornaments from each park! How absolutely cute is that?!?


My favorite, though, are the ceramic tumblers! They are perfect for taking my coffee on the go especially when you fill them up with something off the Starbucks Secret Menu.

They are also a nice piece to say, “Ha Ha!! I’ve been to a Disney park, and you haven’t.” — I wouldn’t really do that. Yes, I would.


Right now, you can even get a special Holiday ceramic tumbler. YES, PLEASE!! How many hidden Mickeys can you find hidden on one of these tumblers?

Of course, if you are in the parks, you can always just go and get a tasty Starbucks beverage — if you are willing to brave the line! It’s worth it, just to say you’ve had your Starbucks favorite with Mickey and Tinkerbell!


Are you not in a Disney park, but you still want a cool Starbucks tumbler? Check out these special Starbucks Tumblers that will get you free coffee or tea the entire month of January!

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