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Hugh Jackman Shares His Cheat Day Breakfast And The Internet Can’t Handle It

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I’m not sure how I feel about this…

Hugh Jackman shared what he eats for breakfast on his “cheat day,” and everyone is losing it.

I guess the man deserves a cheat day.

After staying diligent and working out his muscles for roles like his involvement in X-Men, Jackman can handle going crazy once in a while.

And, going crazy, he definitely does!

After a recent trip to The Waffle House in Norwich, United Kingdom (completely different than the Waffle Houses we have in the states) Wolverine Hugh Jackman uploaded to Instagram three images of his cheat day breakfast.

Yes, he had two full breakfasts and a milkshake in one sitting. LOL!!

Happy cheat meal to me! Nooo! I did not share. And I’m not sorry.

Hugh Jackman

Let’s see what you think about Hugh Jackman’s cheat day breakfast.

First up, he had a Banoffee sweet waffle. It was a delicious golden waffle with a rich toffee sauce, banana slices, and chocolate shavings.

K. I want one right now. Get in my belly!

His next waffle is what people can’t wrap their heads around. It’s a savory waffle that appears to have mushrooms, chili, and maybe a cheese sauce on top.

If I’m honest, it sounds kinda good. You just have to get past the fact that you’re used to sweet waffles.

I guess you also have to be a fan of mushrooms.

Lastly, Hugh enjoyed what appears to be a strawberry milkshake, complete with strawberry sauce and gobs of whipped cream.

Hugh makes me want to have a cheat day of my own! Ha!!

What do you think of his cheat day meal?

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