You Can Get A Jack O’ Lantern Face Mask Just In Time For Halloween

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You can get a spooky Jack O’ Lantern face mask, and I say, YES PLEASE!!

I know it’s still like 900 degrees outside, but It’s Time To Get Your Halloween On!! *Squee*

You know what else you need to get on? Your face mask. Ha!

NOW, it is possible to do both, and totally rep the Halloween season by simply putting on this spooky, orange, Jack O’ Lantern face mask. Thank you, Etsy!

Of course, we find ALL the cool things on Etsy. I mean, have you checked out this Bleeding Skull Candle? Etsy.

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

I KNEW, if I went and looked, they’d have fun Halloween face masks to make my mask wearing just a little more stylish and fun. LOL!

You can get your own spooky Jack O’ Lantern face mask right in the GundysWoodShop store on Etsy. They run $12 a piece, and I’m totally adding one to my virtual cart RIGHT NOW!

Each mask is a one-size-fits-most, but if you need a specific measurement, you can always just let them know in the product comments. They will be glad to work with your needs!

Stay safe out there from all things spooky and germ-y — which, incidentally, are also a little spooky as well.

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