The Missing Titanic Tour Sub Has Likely Ran Out of Oxygen

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Today is the day and our hearts are heavy…

Today is the day that the missing Titanic tour sub is expected to run out of oxygen and it is such a hard thought to have.


In fact, in this exact moment, it is believed that the sub has already ran out of oxygen.

The world has been watching as search and rescue teams from all of the world have tried to find this missing vessel.

There have been many challenges along the way and tons of reasons as to why they simply can’t just find the vessel before time is up.


At this point in time, people are starting to lose hope that the people aboard the sub will be found alive making this a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission.

According to multiple reports, the vessel had 96 hours of oxygen available and that oxygen was expected to run out as of this morning at 7:08 a.m.

That means, the chances of finding the sub with the people inside alive, is slim to none.


Experts believe this window could have even been shortened due to panic amongst the passengers aboard the vessel and the fact that they breath out carbon dioxide.

Conditions of being in the submersible are quite harsh even aside from the oxygen aspect…

“They’re freezing cold. The water entirely surrounding the ship is at freezing or slightly below. When they exhale, their breath condenses. There’s frost on the inside of the parts of the submarine,” Marquet told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “They’re all huddled together trying to conserve their body heat. They’re running low on oxygen and they’re exhaling carbon dioxide.”

There are also reports that they did not have any food or water aboard other than maybe a sandwich and a small bottle of water.

Basically, they are freezing to death, starving to death, while also slowly suffocating and that is just a horrible way to die.


Some hope was found when search and rescue teams heard “banging noises” over the last few days while using sonar to try to find the vessel.

People have believed it was the crew banging on the sub to try to alert rescue teams to where they are located.

The video below has the banging sounds and you can listen for yourself.

This entire story is quite bizarre and sad. I truly hope the families of those inside the vessel, get their family members back one way or another.

Crossing my fingers some miracle happens and they are found safe and alive.

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