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People Are Calling This Man ‘The Robin Hood of Toilet Paper’

There is a man in Saskatoon, Canada that has become ‘The Robin Hood of Toilet Paper’ No joke!

© Matt Smith (Saskatoon StarPhoenix/Matt Smith)

His name is Shane Dankoski! He and his family have handed out more than 200 rolls of toilet paper to families in need.

With the shelves being cleared in stores, people have become desperate for this paper that is now as precious as gold!

We’re still trying to figure out the whole toilet paper hoarding. I mean, even if you were on lockdown for a few months, how much toilet paper does the average person need to stockpile?

So anyhow, Shane, like all of us was hearing and seeing what was going down. Families that couldn’t even get a normal amount of toilet paper and having to go without.

I couldn’t imagine being a single mom and literally sitting here with your children unable to get toilet paper

Shane Dankoski

Since Shane is a truck driver, he travels a lot. He happened upon a place that had plenty of toilet paper. So he called his wife and asked if he should get some for the others in his town that couldn’t find any at all.

Of course, she said YES! So he got what he could and then posted on Facebook to offer it up to others in need.

The response was a bit overwhelming. I mean he is only one man and can only do so much. But the happy part of this story is that he did it out of kindness. Unlike others that are buying and selling to make huge profits, you know…greed.

The messages started rolling in. I had hundreds and hundreds. I just couldn’t keep up.

Shane Dankoski

He started handing them out from his home and even drove them to families that did not have transportation.

 A lot of people have honestly cried. It’s like you’re walking up to these people and you’re giving them gold.

Shane Dankoski

People were amazed by his act of kindness and have been reaching out to simply thank him for what he has done.

His hope is to inspire others to do the same. If not toilet paper then something else. What can you do to help someone right now?

Way to go Shane and family! You guys rock!