Here’s The Entire List of Movies Coming to Streaming Services Early Due To Closings Of Movie Theaters

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Nothing passes time better than a great movie, or in my case movies and books. I love to read, anyhow, this isn’t about books.

It’s about movies! Movies that will be going to go straight to streaming since the movie theaters are closed down due to the coronavirus. It’s sad that the theaters are closed, but it is a must to get a handle on this virus.

So here we go with the list of AWESOMENESS that is coming!


Frozen 2 is was also sent to Dinsey+ early! You can actually watch that one now!

Oh! Today is also the release of Onward on Disney+! We told you all about that earlier today. We also have some activity pages to go with it! Free to download and print for your kids.

Today we have even more choices! The Invisible Man came out in theaters on theaters on Feb. 28, but as of today, it is available to watch from home! It is $19.99 for a 48-hour VOD rental.

The Hunt is also available on VOD for $19.99 and 48-hours as of today! The initial release for this movie in 2019 was canceled but was re-released on March 13th. But again, due to the shutdowns, it is available now!

Tomorrow on March 21st, 2020 we will have access to Emma! This is a new adaptation of Jane Austen’s book. It came out in the theaters in February. It will be available on VOD.

On March 24th, you will be able to watch Birds of Prey! You can either buy it for $19.99 on March 24 or you can wait and rent it in April.

Also available on March 24th to purchase for $19.99 is the Vin Diesel comic adaptation called Bloodshot.

Just Mercy will be out that very same day! It will be available for streaming and digital! This movie is based on lawyer and Equal Justice Institute founder Bryan Stevenson’s memoir.

The Gentlemen is a Guy Ritchie thriller! It will be available for digital and streaming release on the 24th as well.

Ben Affleck fans will be happy about The Way Back! It will be available to purchase for $19.99.

I Still Believe is about Christian music star Jeremy Camp will be available for $19.99. This one will be available on March 27th! I’ve really wanted to see this one!

We’ve already told you about Universal Pictures’ Trolls World Tour. It was supposed to release in theaters on April 10th but will be available on streaming and digital services that day instead.

Well, that should keep you occupied for a bit right?


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  1. I wish I could get an email saying that they have been released cause there is like 4 movies we have been wanting to see that r named on here