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You Can Now Have Betty White Read ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’ To You and Your Kids

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Where are all of my Betty White lovers? It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was worried about Betty White and the coronavirus. I mean do we really think a virus would take out Betty?

So far, she is staying safe and wants everyone to know she’s ‘Fine’.


And that is great news because Betty has fans of all ages it seems! America’s favorite grandma right? She appeals to the adults with her badass attitude and to the kids with her loving charm.

Well here is something you can do while on lockdown! Either for yourself or for you and the kids! Ohhh, maybe you can teach the kids the lost art of letter writing and have the kids write her a letter afterward?


Check it out! You can listen to Betty White reading a story to you and your children. She is reading “Harry the Dirty Dog,” written by Gene Zion, and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham.


This video is brought to you by Betty White and Storyline Online! You can find even more on their website! Keep yourself and your kids busy! Enjoy!

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