Betty White Wants You To Know That She Is ‘Fine’

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All over social media I have come across posts about Betty White and concern for her well being during this coronavirus scare. Does she have toilet paper? Is she safe?


Betty White, famous for The Golden Girls, is 98 years old and a firecracker!

After the News of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson having coronavirus, fans everywhere started worrying about Betty!


Since she does fall in the high-risk category due to her age, I can see the concern. But y’all, this is BETTY WHITE, a legendary badass!

Everyone was so worried about Betty White that on Wednesday night that her name was trending on Twitter!

The fans were literally losing it! They were legit scared when they saw her trending on Twitter!

A representative for her had to issue a statement on The Today Show to let the fans know that “Betty White is fine.”

Y’all can go relax now! She is fine fine fine!


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