You Can Get a T-Rex Pool Float That Has Tiny Arms and He Can’t Touch His Face!

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I. Die. For real, I needed this. It has been a day y’all! When I saw this T-Rex pool float with the tiny arms all I could think was “Well, he can’t touch his face!”


When I was a kid I had an inner tube from a tire to float in. Always getting poked by the valve where you aired it up. Those hurt!

Now we have choices! Tons of choices. I mean you can even get a Weiner dog pool float! This one is mine! All though I really want a motorized pool float too!


It is pretty huge, measuring at 4 feet wide. With itty bitty tiny T-Rex arms.


It can hold up to 250 pounds! This baby is not just for kids!

“Enjoy life as the apex predator on a pool float 66 million years in the making!”. This is a serious need this summer for the lake.

You can get the Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur for about $35. Totally worth it for a ton of laughs this summer!

While he can’t touch his face, he also can’t wash his hands. So be sure to help the dude out!

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