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HEB Has A New Line Of Bakery-Inspired Candles And I Call Dibs On The Butter Tortilla Scent

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They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and they aren’t wrong!

H-E-B, the texas-based grocery chain that many say is the Best Grocery Store In America, now has candles that evoke the heavenly smells of their bakery, and Good Gosh, I need the Butter Tortilla Candle!!

H-E-B sent Twitter into near hysteria when they tweeted out a photo of one of their new Flavor Favorites Bakery-Inspired Candles, and now I’m about to grab my keys and make a road trip!

But, the Butter Tortilla candle is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their heavenly Bakery-Inspired Candles!

You know how you can walk by a bakery, and just the smells make your mouth start to water? These 14-ounce candles will transport you straight to the door of that bakery!

With scents like Cinnamon Roll and Cowboy Cookies, you may just fancy EATing these candles instead of burning them. Resist the urge!

The candles are $13 a piece — a freaking steal when it comes to candles!!

There is a smaller size available for about 5 bucks, but when in Texas, go BIG or go home, right?!?

Now the bad news — H-E-B is only in Texas, and as of right now, there is no way to ship them to your house outside of the state.

So, you better hit up your long lost friend from high school that moved to the Lone Star State. Get them to ship you a big box of these H-E-B Bakery-Inspired Candles!

Or, better yet, plan yourself a road trip and make sure you save plenty of room in the car to bring back a couple boxes of H-E-B Bakery-Inspired Candles.

Hey!! While you’re there, you can hit up Buc-ees for some Beaver Nuggets (If you know, you know)!

AND, you HAVE to make a stop at WHATABURGER while you’re there!! It’s the Texas Triad!!

Why is everything bigger and better in Texas?!?

For more information on these DELICIOUS smelling Bakery-Inspired Candles — or maybe to BEG them to ship them straight to your house — you can go to the H-E-B website.

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