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There’s A Castle In Texas That Let’s You Hang Out With Llamas All Day And I’m Packing My Bags

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Imagine that, I just happen to be in Texas and am in need of a special kind of escape day. What could possibly be better than hanging out at a castle that has llamas as residents?


Yes, a castle! It’s a replica of an Irish castle, and of course, I’m Irish so I should totally go there, right?


You get to do way more than just hang out with the Llamas though. They have all sorts of experiences you can participate in. I’ve always leaned more towards Alpacas, but Llamas are pretty cool too, just a little rowdier.


You can take a 3 hour long Llama walk which includes learning all sorts of facts about the creatures while you are able to admire them up close. They also host Llama lessons, which is held in a climate-controlled barn.


They call the castle ShangriLlama and that just makes me giggle a bit. If you’re an animal lover this is a trip you will want to make.


You can even have birthday parties there, school field trips, and even photoshoots! As a photographer, this really excites me! You. can even have a wedding with up to 100 guests!


Some of the Llamas are even at celebrity status! Dalai Llama was in a 2018 commercial for GameStop! Other Llamas residing at the castle are Barack O’Llama, Sire Lance-O-Llama, Pajama Llama, Como T. Llama, Bahama Llama, and of course Drama Llama.


They offer Llama lessons every weekend for only $20. The Llama walks are scheduled from November through May and are only $50. Totally cool for a day trip!


ShangriLlama is located in Royse City, Texas, which is about 30 miles outside of Dallas, Texas. Also, it’s only like 60 miles from me!


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