You Can Stay At A Sloth Reserve Complete with Yoga and A Spa

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Do you love sloths? If not, do you love the idea of rest and relaxation? Because sloths know how to do that best! Let them show you how!

Nayara Gardens is located in Arenal Volcano National Park, in Costa Rica.

It has a Rainforest Resort that has been said to be one of the best resorts in the world and THE best in Central America.


Between the luxury style full-service spa, and the pool with the swim-up bar, it’s already paradise. But adding the fact that you can be around sloths during this entire trip makes it oh so much better.


The Nayara Garden Reserve has over 15 sloths roaming about and the Reserve offers a complimentary walking tour, where the staff will help you find them! Sometimes they even come down from the trees to say hi!


If sloths, yoga, relaxation, and spas aren’t enticing enough, there’s plenty of adventurous options! There’s zip-lining, water rafting, and all sorts of other wildlife to explore!


Are you ready to go? Rates start as low as $350! Between the sloths, the view, and the amazing perks, this is one trip you do NOT want to miss!


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