These Bleeding Skull Candles Will Set An Entire Mood For Halloween

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How unique are these candles.

Have you ever seen a candle bleed from the inside out?

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

I haven’t, but it is perfect for Halloween!

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

These Halloween candles might be terrifying to look at, but they set the mood on Halloween night.

Combining horror and beeswax, these skull candles bleed red when lit at night!

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

Each skull candle has a long wick at the top of the head and has a black color base with fine details including hollowed out eyes, a nose and a grinning smile.

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

If you look close enough, it looks like the skulls are smiling back at you…

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

Each candle is 29 dollars each, but I’m thinking each skull needs a partner in crime to truly scare your guests during spooky season.

The height of each bleeding skull candle is 2.5 inches, so you can count on more than enough candle wax to burn all night long on Halloween.

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

These skull candles will look awfully frightening on a candle stand sitting on each of my windowsills in the front of my living room. The candle stands will truly show off their beauty, or should I say horror!

You can purchase the candles on the Etsy account @TheGrotesquerieShop.

Courtesy of @TheGrotesquerieShop

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