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Kanye West’s Behavior Isn’t Funny, Women Get Killed by Men Like Him Everyday

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Kanye West’s behavior is not okay by any means. Nor, is it funny.

Kanye has time and time again publicly humiliated Kim Kardashian and has shown stalker, abusive and harassment behavior.

It is domestic violence.

Kim Kardashian

His behavior is so easy to brush under the rug and chuck it up as Kanye just being Kanye or say he is doing it for the publicity.

It’s also easy to just chuck it up to it being his mental illness that makes him this way.

But why does any of that make this okay?

His behavior cannot be excused.

I’m not saying that Kim is innocent by any means as I don’t know the full dynamics of their relationship but lets focus on the facts here…

The facts have been that Kanye has consistently shown a dark side to him. One that exhibits the type of feelings such as, “Well, if I can’t have you, nobody will”.

It’s cringey and scary.

Can we normalize that no matter who you are or how much money you have, this type of behavior is never okay?

I’d even argue that as someone who has such a large influence like Kanye, he should be held to a higher standard.

Kanye West Instagram

Not one that shows other kids/people that this type of narcissistic behavior is okay.

Just because Kim Kardashian has money and enough to supply herself with a security team, does not mean she is okay.

Nobody deserves to be stalked.

Nobody deserves to be emotionally abused.

Nobody deserves to be publicly humiliated through spreading rumors and false accusations especially on social media.


Nobody deserves to not feel safe in their own home (reports have been Kanye has shown up to Kim’s house demanding to come inside).

This is not normal behavior.

This is the type of behavior you see in true crime documentaries about estranged husbands that murdered their wives.

Women die from this type of behavior every single day and it is not okay.

So, lets just stop with the praise, laughter and support Kanye gets.

Kanye knows what he is doing is wrong, he has made public apologies referencing his behavior, but those only go so far.

It’s a little too late to show that he really means well.

Instead, we need to expose the behavior and show him that under no circumstance is his behavior ok nor will it be tolerated.

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