S’mores Coffee Creamer Is Here, And Now Your Coffee Is Better Than Camping

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I’m going to need a moment.

Oh, International Delight. You slay me.

Photo Credit: International Delight via Instagram

Memories of my childhood swirl, and images of summers spent around the campfire come into focus. We spent hours outside playing, laughing, and making that summer staple, that ooey gooey chocolatey goodness: S’Mores!

Photo Credit: Jamie Harrington via Instagram

The wonderfully talented people at International Delight have completely outdone themselves once again. They have bottled this summer memory straight into a coffee creamer.

Photo Credit: InternationalDelight.com

I mean, as if coffee wasn’t already perfection, now I can have hints of chocolate and marshmallow swirled around in my morning cup of heaven.

Photo Credit: Internationaldelights.com

Excuse me while I cry tears of joy.

Reviews have been positive, and make me want to try this amazing mix even more!

Photo Credit: InternationalDelight.com

This awesome creamer of perfection costs $3.18 at Walmart, and is available in the 1 quart size. It’s only 35 calories per tablespoon, so I can have cup after cup without feeling guilty.

That means I can have my delicious morning coffee, and then switch right over to refreshing flavored iced coffee in the afternoon without even thinking twice.

The sad news: this is a limited edition flavor, so it won’t be around long. It is practically jumping off shelves, so make sure and grab yours before it’s gone.

Photo Credit: StuffedPuffs via Instagram

Pro tip: add a chocolate stuffed marshmallow for a decadent treat!

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