Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy Is A Real Thing, And You Have To Try It

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I admit it, I am addicted.

“To what?,” you may ask. I constantly crave the sweet taste of a satisfying Dr. Pepper. Sometimes I want one so much, I have to drop what I’m doing to run to the store and pick one up.

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That’s right, the soda that was first sold for 5¢ in 1880, and invented in the little city of Waco, Texas.

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An ice cold Dr. Pepper is an amazing thing, and can make almost any problem seem small.

I don’t just like drinking this delectable sweet nectar from heaven. I like to cook with it. It adds such a great sweet flavor to so many dishes, like this Dr. Pepper Cobbler.

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I also like to experiment with different adult beverages that contain Dr. Pepper, like this recipe for Dr. Shocker. You can’t go wrong with cinnomon-flavored Aftershock and Dr. pepper!

Photo Credit: drpepper.com

Anytime I run across a product with Dr. Pepper flavor, I have to scoop it up. My favorite has been this Dr Pepper Lipsmackers.

Photo Credit: drpepper.com

This week, however, I heard that there is a Dr. Pepper flavored cotton candy. What?!?

Dr.Pepper Flavored Cotton Candy Exists

Photo Credit: Walmart.com

Amazon.com and Walmart.com sell this ingenious concoction of spun sugar and awesome flavor.

You can by a bulk package from amazon.com containing 12 bags. This will cost about $22, which means each bag comes out to less than $2 a bag. Not bad at all.

A quick search on Instagram will show you all kinds of pictures and reviews, like this one from thrifty.coffee.queen.


I’m going to order mine today! Are you going to try it? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Heck yes I will get these. My favorite thing food wise is dr. Pepper