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‘Euphoria’ Just Dropped Part 1 Of Their First Special Episode And I Balled My Eyes Out

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Finally, Euphoria has dropped their newest episode called ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always’ and it is a tear jerker.

Zendaya’s performance is extraordinary as she plays a young woman who has fallen victim to drug abuse and in this episode, her conversation goes deeper than ever before.


Considering that Rue (Zendaya), was seen relapsing in the final minutes of the last episode of season 1 of Euphoria, Rue calls her sponsor on Christmas Eve to talk at a diner.


The conversation between the two had me crying throughout the entire hour long episode.


Between the two, the topic of conversation becomes heavy and we learn even more about Rue, her past and her most deepest and darkest thoughts.


Ali on the other hand, Rue’s sponsor, is blatantly honest and is an open book with Rue. We learn later through conversation that even Ali has had a relapse in his journey of sobriety after 12 years of being sober.


The special episode was released on HBO Max at an early release date on December 4th. The second special episode (part two), will drop into the new year on January 24th titled ‘F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob’.


The second special episode will focus more on Jules, Rue’s ex girlfriend who most recently cheated on her according to Rue. The show will revolve around the Christmas holiday as Jules reflects on the year as a whole.


The 24 year old Emmy winner reminds us how she won her award with her outstanding performance. You can catch the newest episode out now on HBO Max and I personally am looking forward to part two and learning more about Jule’s character.


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