Some Starbucks Locations Will Only Be Accepting Drive-Thru Orders Due to Coronavirus

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Today, Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Starbucks said they would be making some more changes due to the coronavirus.

They already had made changes to the policy about reusable cups or “for here” cups. But, they are stepping it up once again to try to help lessen the risk of exposure to the coronavirus for both employees and customers.

Some Starbucks stores will only be offering limited seating, others will not offer any seating at all. The locations that will close down the seating area will only be accepting mobile and drive-thru orders.

This is all due to the coronavirus outbreak, which hopefully will pass quickly. I don’t know about y’all, but the chaos of it all is stressing me.

Locations in both the U.S. and Canada are preparing to make the changes if needed.

Kevin Johnson, CEO, Starbucks
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

This means that as we navigate this dynamic situation community-by-community and store-by-store, we may adapt the store experience by limiting seating to improve social distancing, enable mobile order-only scenarios for pickup via the Starbucks app or delivery via Uber Eats, or in some cases only the Drive Thru will be open,

Johnson wrote in a letter to customers on Thursday.

They have also said that they will close down a store if needed. In fact, this just recently happened in Seattle on March 5th. One of the baristas was diagnosed with the virus.

After closing, they were able to reopen the location a few days later after all precautions were taken. Thirteen additional employees are self-quarantined.


Thankfully, Starbucks is offering “catastrophe pay” for baristas that have been exposed to the coronavirus. It covers up to 14 days.


All in all, I do like to see companies being proactive without causing hysteria. I think Starbucks is doing things the right way, and everything should be back to normal soon!


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