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Here’s How To Watch The Hallmark Christmas Channel This Year Even If You Don’t Have Cable

Tis the season! Halloween is this week, so that means all things Christmas from that point on!

One of the most coveted Christmas traditions around is watching all of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies! Some get cable JUST for that.

There are 41 brand new Christmas movies appearing on the Hallmark channel this year and are already starting on the Hallmark Channel. But if you don’t have cable, here are your alternative options to be able to watch these!

  • Sling: $41 a month, 32 channels available (including Hallmark), making it available to watch all films live!
  • Philo: $25 a month, over 60 channels available (including Hallmark), AND you can get a 7 day free trial!
  • fuboTV: $64.99 if you get the starter package, 117 channels (including Hallmark), 250 hours of DVR space, and screen sharing capabilities! It also has a free 7 day trial! It also has a watch back feature to watch the shows when they aren’t airing!
  • Frndly TV: $5.99 a month, 24 of cable’s top channels (including Hallmark), and it also has a free 7 day trial!
  • Hallmark Channel Everywhere: Technically, this is Hallmark’s ‘free’ streaming service IF you already have cable. BUT, during the holidays they unlock a few Christmas movies that you can watch without signing in!

So don’t feel left out this Christmas! There’s all sorts of ways to enjoy the Hallmark channel without having to resort to cable! And don’t forget, Netflix is releasing a ton of Christmas movies too!