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You Can Get Cozy Like a Hallmark Channel Movie With This Blanket Sweatshirt

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It is getting so cold outside, the winds are blowing and the temperatures are dropping… and I am freezing!

I would love to have this blanket sweatshirt to keep me toasty warm while I watch Hallmark Christmas movies.


It’s like a giant oversized hooded pullover that acts as a blanket you can wear around the house and even outdoors.

It will keep you cozy and toasty warm while you watch movies and relax.


The oversized blanket sweatshirt has a sherpa-lined hood and a front pocket where you can warm your hands.

I just love this fleecy, snuggly movie blanket “sweatshirt,” which it really isn’t. Technically, it’s a “hoodie,” but really, it’s a fleecy “blanket with big sleeves – perfect for snuggling up and staying toasty warm while watching our favorite Hallmark movies. It’s one size – which means big – but that doesn’t matter because you have plenty of room to move around and still stay warm. Very soft, very cuddly – and the cooler the temperatures, the warmer you will be.

Rebecca – Customer review

The front has an embroidered quote that reads “Warm and cozy like a Hallmark Channel movie“.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone that is obsessed with Hallmark movies, and it is one size fits most people!

This shipped extremely fast! It’s the cutest softest “blanket” ever! And boy is it warm! It’s designed just like the coziest blanket but you wear it so it doesn’t slip or fall off when you move. When you get up to get popcorn or tea, it goes with you so you can be warm all the way! I ordered more as gifts.This just makes Hallmark Christmas movie nights perfect!

Angela – Customer review

You can get the Hallmark movie blanket sweatshirt for yourself or as a gift for a friend from Hallmark!

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