Outer Space Vodka Exists and It’s Shaped Like an Alien’s Head

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Do you believe in aliens?

Courtesy of @bigbearwine

Well whether you choose to believe in aliens or not, Outer Space Vodka does exist, and this liquor bottle is shaped like an alien’s head with an out of this world design!

Courtesy of Total Wine & More

Colored green with two large eyes on the front, this vodka bottle is shaped exactly like the head of extraterrestrials, at least from what we think they might look like.

And according to Total Wine & More, this vodka tastes best chilled on ice for a smooth and refreshing taste that’s also gluten free!

Courtesy of @m.j.sullivan

Staring back at you from the shelf, just look for the green bottle and you’ll know you’ve found the right one!

Courtesy of @aldyk_minibottles

And they even come in mini-sized bottles too!

Not to mention when you’re finished with what’s inside, this bottle goes great with your Halloween decor!

Courtesy of @bigbearwine

You can find the Outer Space Vodka stocked at liquor stores such as Total Wine & More for about $35!

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