My Husband Does All The Housework

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My husband does all the housework. All of it. Why? Well, aside from the fact that he’s perfectly awesome in every way, he does it because someone has to do it. It’s not always fun, and he would definitely rather be playing video games or something more fun, but he does it for our family. He does it for me.

my husband does all the housework and i love him for it

And I don’t say thank you enough. You see, a couple of years ago I decided to make a real run at this whole full time blogger thing, and I bit off a lot. More than I could ever chew on my own. When you work from home, you never stop working. And I still have that daughter to raise, so something sort of had to give.

american dads are pitching in more and more with household chores

He was working full time, and going to school full time. It was tough. And the dishes piled, the laundry piled. Before I knew it, we were doing the whole “buy new underwear since we didn’t have any clean pair to wear” thing. Something had to give, so he cut some of his work hours and started managing our house.

men are taking over the housework and wives are swooning

I’ve managed the house before. It’s more than a full time job, and now he’s doing it while he goes to school. I help when I can, but the majority of the burden is falling on him. And that’s okay.

It’s not the fifties anymore. Families are splitting up chores, we’re doing what we can to make it work, and he knows what I know– this is his season to clean and it’s my season to work. Life is long, and things change in the blink of an eye. But for now at least, he’s picking up the slack around here.

Floors are his least favorite part. Well, they WERE his least favorite part until he got the big green Swiffer Box! Now he likes seeing how shiny he can get them. (So shiny.)

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  1. I can relate. I’ve been doing most of the housework and other chores for years. Not all, but most. My wife had a stressful career with high pressure and many demanding clients. My career was more flexible. I knew how to manage the house because I was raised by a single parent and pitched in at an early age. I could even cook.

    Only one person ever criticized me for doing housework. An older aunt who did everything for her late husband thought I did too much work. Lol…when I shaved my head to make a change of image because I was going bald she seriously thought did it because I didn’t have time for haircuts. My wife and I had fun telling her she guess right.

    We’re semi-retired and I still do the work. Since the kids are grown and I’m well organized I have plenty of time for golf and other hobbies. My wife and I always joke that she’s the boss. Maybe she is but I do great floors too.

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