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Crocheted Pants Are The Hottest Fall Trend Since Men Rompers

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This is super exciting you guys, if you’re familiar with the show Shark Tank on ABC, you’ll know who I’m talking about when I say “Lord Von Schmitt”! I knew I’d see this artist again!

Lord Von Schmitt is a professional crocheter and he appeared on Season 11, Episode 22 on Shark Tank and let me just say, his personality was contagious!

Unfortunately he didn’t score a deal with the Sharks, but the entire panel absolutely admired him and I bet they’re wishing they did now.


His stitching is currently going viral on Facebook, with more than 3k shares and climbing!


He created his line of clothing because “crocheting promotes positive vibes and makes people happy” as he once quoted on Shark Tank and he’s totally correct.

His entire clothing line makes me smile, I bet it even made you pop a grin; how could you not smile with all that enthusiasm and color that’s put into his work!


Just take a look for yourself. His crocheted clothing is colorful, boho, groovy, recycled and not to mention, they look super comfy to wear.

Seriously, I want that crocheted umbrella!


Each design is incredibly unique and it’s very noticeable that each piece of clothing has had a lot of thought into it.


You can check out more of his clothing on his Instagram or his website, if any of his crocheted pieces caught your eye like the umbrella did for me!


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