Fanta Releases Another Mystery Flavor. Can You Guess the New Flavor?

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Fanta is putting your tastebuds to the test.

Blindfolds at the ready.

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Well technically, blindfolds aren’t exactly necessary considering Fanta’s new bottle completely covers any writing or pictures that may give away the flavor.

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So, here’s introducing Fanta’s blank new flavor since we don’t actually know what this flavor tastes like yet.

Courtesy of @fanta

And the only thing we do know is the color of the liquid which looks to be bright blue, plus the clues from the short reel Fanta posted via Instagram.

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A short video clip which included several fruits dropping down from the top of the video including a big question mark, asking soda drinkers what they think the new flavor could be.

Courtesy of @fanta

Designed in black with the #WhatTheFanta, Fanta wants you to guess their new soft drink with the hashtag on social media, although their bright blue drink isn’t the only mystery flavor on the market.

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According to Fanta, there will also be green colored, peach tinted, and orange hued mystery drinks across several retail markets through August, while the blue soda will stay until February of next year.

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Any flavor guesses regarding the blue, green, peach or orange colored Fanta sodas?

Leave us your guess in the comments below!

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