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10 Uses For Pickle Juice That You’ll Totally Use

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Yum!! Turns out, all that pickle juice that’s left over after the pickles are gone can be useful.

So, think again before you toss it down the drain!

First of all, can we just take a minute to celebrate the pickle? It’s absolutely delicious!!

It’s so yum, people have made that fine brine into its own pickle juice in a can.

You can even get an entire gallon of JUST the pickle juice on Amazon, and I love it!

There are boozy pickles and Kool-Aid pickles, ranch pickles, and even pickle cotton candy.

You can’t go wrong with anything pickle, AMIRITE?

I even got pickle pizza at the Great State Fair of Texas last year. OH MY GOSH. I can’t even tell you how good it was!!

10 Uses For Pickle Juice

1) Mix pickle juice into chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad, or any other salad that might benefit from the addition of that taste of tangy pickle.

If you aren’t making your chicken salad with pickle juice, you’re making it wrong. Just sayin’.

2) Use a tablespoon or two of pickle juice in your deviled eggs. You’re welcome.

3) Add a few tablespoons of pickle juice to sour cream, mayo, or plain yogurt for a delish veggie dip.

4) Use pickle juice in place of the vinegar in your favorite homemade salad dressing.

I’m telling you, it will add a layer of flavor that you will never leave out again.

5) It is a GREAT meat tenderizer. Use pickle juice as a marinade for fish, chicken, tofu, tempe, or just about any other proteins.

It’s a game changer.

6) You can make pickle pops by adding pickle juice to ice cube trays and freezing it. Pickle pops are DELISH in bloody marys!

7) Boil potatoes in that yummy brine! They will soak up the flavor of the pickles, and you’re gonna love it.

8) Use the pickle brine to start another batch of pickles.

You can even use it to pickle things like carrots, onions, and jalepenos.

9) Use pickle juice in place of the olive juice in martinis. My FAVORITE drink is a dirty pickle vodka martini!

10) According to the Cleveland Clinic, you can use pickle juice after your workout to replace lost electrolytes.

Pickle juice contains electrolytes in the form of a lot of sodium and some potassium and magnesium. That’s why you can use it as a natural electrolyte — It can help to rehydrate after exercise.

Camille Skoda, functional medical dietician

So, you might want to think twice before throwing that pickle juice down the drain. Save it, and use it!

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