You Can Get $1.00 Vampire Cocktails at Applebee’s All Month Long

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Bleh Bleh Bleh – one dollar is all you need!

October is the month to get a little tipsy and enjoy your because You Can Get $1.00 Vampire Cocktails at Applebee’s All Month Long!

Applebee’s new $1 Vampire has emerged from its coffin to charm Neighborhood Drink of the Month fans with its tropical flavor. Run to Applebee’s before it’s too late.

The purple halloween cocktail is described as:

The new $1 Vampire is made with rum, strawberry, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and pineapple juice. Plus, it comes with vampire fangs and a cherry. Mwahahaha!


The new $1 Vampire is served in a coffin. Just kidding! It comes in a 10-oz. mug.

So, drink as many as you want, wear the fangs and you’ll be ready for a night out in the town!

People are sharing their drinks online and then themselves wearing the fans the results are hilariously awesome.

Date night is calling my name is so is this drink!

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