How To Take All Your Makeup With You When You Travel

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I am travel obsessed. If I don’t get on a plane and fly somewhere at least once a month, I feel like I have failed at successfully quenching my wanderlust. I am also makeup obsessed, which can be a huge pain when you are traveling all the time, because you are constantly moving makeup from cabinets and drawers and cabinets into bags. So, I use a Caboodle to keep all my makeup in one place, so when I travel all I have to do is close it up and stick it in my suitcase.

how I take all my makeup with me when I travel

I love this. I love anything that makes packing for travel easy.

Okay, I know what you are thinking– because I thought it too–you immediately flashed back to the eighth grade, sitting on your bed, with your Caboodle full of makeup, the one that went with you when you did overnights at a friend’s house. The one that you wouldn’t let your brother even breathe on. It was your everything! (If you had a Caboodle, PLEASE share your favorite Caboodle memory in the comments. I want to hear them!)


Well, Caboodles are still a thing, and they are still awesome. In fact, I would say they are now even more awesome. I am so in love with this Caboodle I got at Ulta. I bought one for me and my daughter. That’s how cute they are. Here’s how I use a Caboodle to take all my makeup with me when I travel.


Basically, my Caboodle is so totally adorbs that it looks amazing on my bathroom counter. Which is a good thing because bathroom counter space is precious commodity at my house, and my husband still wants his side of the sink. I asked him just last night if he wanted a pretty wife or more counter space, he said I was pretty without makeup. I still haven’t decided if he was just vying for more counter space.


And are you ready for this? When I travel somewhere, I just close up my Caboodle and pop it into my carryon bag. THAT’S RIGHT– THIS THING FITS INTO MY CARRYON BAG!


Seriously, I never have to pack my makeup. It’s already done for me. And when I get to the hotel? I pop my Caboodle open right there on the counter and it’s like I am at home.

I love feeling at home when I travel.

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  1. Do you know if it is a for sure thing that you can pack your caboodle in a carryon?

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