You Can Get A Chocolate Easter Unicorn That Tastes Like Birthday Cake and It Is Pure Magic

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You can give your kid a magical white chocolate birthday cake flavored unicorn in their Easter basket this year!


I know plenty of kids that would be super stoked to see this in their Easter basket!

Photo: R.M. Palmer

This Magical Easter Unicorn is hollow and is 7.5 oz of White Chocolate goodness. It goes beyond just white chocolate with birthday cake flavor and colorful candy sprinkles!

This fun product is brought to us by R.M. Palmer!

R.M. Palmer is the candy company that has been making our favorite chocolate Easter Bunnies forever! Peter Rabbit has always been a popular one!

Photo: R.M. Palmer

In fact, they have been crafting seasonal chocolate novelties since 1948! They know what they are doing!

Bunny Big Ears has always been one of my favorites! Just him and a jar of peanut butter will make me happy. You can load those hollow ears up!

Photo: R.M. Palmer

The Magical Easter Unicorns have been spotted at Big Lots, Party City, and Walmart! It will run you between $5 and $6.99.

The box for the Magical Easter Unicorn even includes an interactive unicorn name generator activity and cut-out props! More fun for your kiddo! Or heck, maybe yourself?

There are so many great new Unicorn products out right now. You could make a complete Unicorn themed Easter Basket for your Unicorn lover this year!

In fact, our Pink Unicorn Lollipops would be perfect to add to a Unicorn Easter basket! They are super easy to make at home!

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