Taco Bell Is Testing Crispy Chicken Wings On Their Menu And They Look Tasty

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Taco Bell has had a few changes in the year of 2020.

First there were two new freeze drinks brought to the menu. Then, a grilled cheese burrito that has an outer layer completely wrapped in cheese, recently introducing a reduced menu and now, they’re adding their own line of WINGS; I mean c’mon!

At least now they’re adding something back to the menu, that is only in California…

Taco Bell is currently testing their own recipe for wings and the first individuals to try it are the residents in California.

Let’s hope the wings have a good trial run because I sure want to try a box!


The wings are sold for 5 dollars with five wings each in box and a side of spicy ranch.

Foodbeast found the Taco Bell in Fullerton, California who were selling the crispy chicken wings. Their menu described the wings with a bold Mexican seasoning, which sounds delicious to me.


Foodbeast gave out the exact location here and now I wish I lived in California.

Who knew you could get a side of chicken wings with your taco? Here’s hoping the wings receive a good response because I want a side of wings with my Nacho BellGrande in the near future.


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