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Taco Bell Has A Secret Menu Tie-Dye Freeze. Here’s How To Order One

Taco Bell has just released their newest drink on the menu, the Pineapple Whip Freeze and apparently, there’s another drink on their secret menu that is out for a limited time only!

Taco Bell

So of course, we must try this new drink especially if it’s on their secret menu.

Courtesy of FOODBEAST

It’s called the Tie-Dye Freeze and it looks almost too pretty to drink!

Courtesy of FOODBEAST

The Tie-Dye Freeze has multiple flavors involved, so when you’re ordering at the drive-thru, ask for a mixture of the Pineapple Whip Freeze, Mountain Dew, the Baja Blast Freeze and finally, the Wild Strawberry Freeze.

Phew, that’s a mouth full! I’m dying to know how this drink will taste.

Today I’m finding the nearest Taco Bell so I can order this aesthetically pleasing drink.

I have high hopes that this frozen beverage will taste absolutely amazing, considering it’s mixed with popular flavors, what could go wrong?

Courtesy of Taco Bell

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