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Starbucks Just Released A Unicorn Cake Pop Filled With Confetti Cake And It Is Pure Magic

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Have I mentioned that I love Starbucks? Their innovations just rock my world. Not only did they just come back with the S’mores Frappuccino, but now they have a Unicorn Cake Pop too!


Talk about magical! Now, if only they would bring back the Unicorn Frappuccino too!


I am most definitely going up there to get some today. I have two little ones who both LOVE unicorns so this is definitely going to be a treat for them!


Yes, we had a unicorn smash cake which was the BOMB! But back to the cake pop!


The Unicorn Cake Pop has vanilla cake inside with confetti sprinkles and is shaped into a Unicorn with a white chocolate glaze on the outside. It’s too cute to not buy at least ten of them!


It would also be the best time to have a unicorn themed party and have these as appetizers. I mean, why not?


Make sure when you stop by, to give our Secret Menu S’mores Cold Brew a try, and keep your eye out for those Limited Edition Color-Changing Confetti Cups!


What are you most excited to buy this launch? Let us know in the comments below! For me, it’s definitely this cake pop, and the Confetti Cups!


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