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Here’s The Teaser Trailer For ‘Assembly Required’ With Tim Allen And Richard Karn!

I’m really excited about this, ‘Home Improvement’ is one of my favorites. Pairing up Tim Allen and Richard Karn together again is so fantastic!

History Channel

The new show is called ‘Assembly Required‘ which is a new competition series that is coming out. They also have April Wilkeson from YouTube joining them.

Watching the teaser shows me that these two are going to definitely use that chemistry the same way they did on ‘Home Improvement’.

Two Friends cutting up and having fun and that is what draws me to the pair! I just know it’s going to be fun and hilarious.

History Channel

‘Assembly Required’ is a new original series that will be on the History channel. It will feature builders from all across the United States.

The builders will have to compete against each other and rebuild everyday household items. It makes me think of Tim’s character always rebuilding for “more power!“.

I totally need to sign my woodworker Husband up for this! I think I need to go check out what the prize is for winning….

I’m really happy to see Tim come back with another show. I was sad when ‘Last Man Standing’ ended, I absolutely loved the characters on that show.

Every single one of them were relatable in some way. I’ll be watching that on repeats just like I do with ‘Home Improvement’.

‘Assembly Required’ comes out on February 23rd on the History channel at 10 p.m. EST. and I can not wait!