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Tim Allen And Richard Karn Are Going To Reunite For A Tool Inspired Competition Show And I Can’t Wait

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Does anybody know what time it is? Tim Allen and Al Borland Richard Karn are BACK in a tool show that you are going to love!

Courtesy of Danicalo on YouTube

The show is called Assembly Required, and it is a competition show for people who love to make and get things done!!


The famous Tool Time pair will host the show on the History Channel, and if you have any doubt if it is going to be a hit, over 20K people “liked” the news of this new endeavor after only a few minutes of being announced!


In this Assembly Required competition, makers, creators, and builders from all over will come together to try to fix household problems and appliances. I wonder if anyone is going to us More Power and 1,000 degree heat appliances to get it done!! Ha!


There is no word yet on a premier date, but according to Richard Karn on Twitter, filming has already commenced. Now it’s just a waiting game. I suck at waiting!!

If you are too young to remember the original Home Improvement show, Tim Allen and Richard Karn came together as Tim the Toolman Taylor and his trusty sidekick Al Borland, to host a show within the show called Tool Time.


Tim Taylor was known for always wanting to amp up the power, and give his projects more manly gusto, while Al Borland was the level-headed grounded one who actually tried to do things the right way.

The pair also recently came together on Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing, where Tim plays the owner of an outdoor store, and Richard Karn played a contractor taking on an expansion project.


I can’t wait to see how this new Assembly Required show comes together!! One thing is for sure, with Tim Allen and Richard Karn at the helm, it is bound to be one hilarious ride!!

See a snippet of the original Home Improvement below.

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  1. I watched Tim the tool man Taylor in the 90s growing up. And now I have three boys of my own and we’re currently watching the series on Netflix.. my boys absolutely love it they’re always telling me more power more power… they’re ages are 13 10 and 7. Can’t wait to see the new show with Tim and Al again together… Bring back the old days the way TV shows used to be!!!

    Can’t wait,

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