You Can Get Sparkly Unicorn Cookies Stuffed with Cake Batter Creme and I Need Them

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I just found out that Kroger is selling these super awesome Sparkly Unicorn Cookies and I need them right now!


It’s pretty obvious that we are all obsessed with unicorns and it’s clear why!

Not only are these cookies purple, sparkly and straight up amazing! But they have a magical confetti cake batter flavored creme in the middle! Yep… Confetti cake batter!!

You can get a pack of these super cool Sparkly Unicorn Cookies at your local Kroger for under $3!! The nutrition facts say that the package contains 12 servings, but I won’t judge if you choose not to share!

Anyone that knows me is aware of my birthday cake obsession, well.. not like actual birthday cake. But I am obessed with anything birthday cake flavored and so is my younger sister!

We went to Walmart once and literally bought every birthday cake flavored product and tried them all that night haha!

While you’re at Kroger, I highly suggest picking up a tub of this Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream as well! This ice cream is seriously delicious, it is a cake batter base, filled with bits of iced animal crackers and thick ribbons of cake frosting!


Imagine if you made a milkshake out of the the two… I am literally drooling over the thought of that!

Now please excuse me while I head to my nearest Kroger and clear these off of the shelves!

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