Why Are Some McDonald’s Arches Turquoise?

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We all know that the big yellow M we see on the corner of every other street stands for McDonald’s, and let’s not forget about the smell of fresh fries before arriving to said McDonald’s.

The golden arches are a universal symbol except for one McDonald’s chain that decided yellow wasn’t good enough.

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Located in Sedona, Arizona the only arches you’ll see representing McDonald’s are turquoise, and there’s a specific reason why!

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The city of Sedona is famous for their stunning surrounding environment, more specifically, the towering red rock mountains and because of the natural beauty around them, there are rules in place for buildings to make sure that the structures do not comprise the surrounding environment.

Therefore, city officials believed that the yellow arches would clash with mother nature’s beauty, so they picked a teal color instead!

Since we all are used to the bright yellow M, the not-so-golden archers certainly makes this McDonald’s chain stand out, especially at night when the M is illuminated and the turquoise becomes an even brighter blue!

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Putting aside the color changed M, this McDonald’s is just like any other chain filled with 99 cent iced coffees, crispy hash browns, juicy cheeseburgers and the famous salty fries.

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