You Can Get Animal Drinking Planters And I Want Them All

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These tiny adorable animal planters water themselves and I want them now!


So you know the term “Green Thumb”, yeah… I don’t have that, not one bit. I can seriously kill just about any plant, even a cactus.

So, I tend to stick with plants of the artificial variety at this point because I feel so guilty when I let something so beautiful wither away.


I really don’t do it on purpose, but I have realized that I only do well with things that remind me to feed them, like dogs and my son HAHA!

These adorable little pots actually water themselves, so you don’t risk either over or underwatering them!


All you have to do is fill up the “drinking bowl” when it’s empty because this pot literally drinks water from the bowl like a dog when it is in need of watering.

Is that cool or what!?


The animal pots measure 6cm(W) x 6.5cm(H) x 6cm(D), the perfect size for small spaces that need a bit of greenery!

Each set includes the ceramic animal planter of your choice, plastic pot, seeds, soil, animal tongue, and a water bowl.

Now the description doesn’t list what seeds come with these planters, but it looks to be different for each animal.

These can be found on Amazon and range in price between $10-$11 each depending on which animal you choose, or you can get all four for just $32.99!


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