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You Can Get A Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler and I Need It In My Life

Just when I think I have found the coolest thing ever, I find more things that I feel like I need! I have always wanted 2 things in my life. One is a “Volkswagen Thing”.

The other is a “Volkswagen Bus”! I always daydream of the road trips I could take my family on in an old VW Bus!

Keep your picnic/BBQ feast cool this summer with the Official Volkswagen Cool Box. Made to look exactly like the iconic VW T1 Bus, this unique cool box features a retractable handle for easy transportation.

Folding neatly underneath the base of the van, simply extend the handle and turn left or right to steer the cool box in the direction of your choice. Don’t worry if you take the wheeled cooler off-road either, the rubber tires will provide a cushioned and easy ride – ideal for camping or beach trips!

Secured with a heavy-duty lid-lock, the hinged roof opens to reveal a large insulated storage compartment for your picnic essentials such as food, water bottles and cans. At the base of the compartment the internal drainage plug makes emptying and cleaning easy. For the ultimate cool box on wheels, choose the Official VW Cooler Box!

When I saw this cooler that looks just like a Volkswagen Bus, I got a little giddy! This is official Volkswagen merchandise and is a to-scale replica of the VW T1 bus!

It has an ice box storage for storing food and drinks for the perfect day out camping at the lake!

It is made from anti-rust pressed steel construction and has internal insulation that is ultra-durable! This baby is built to last!

The part that really got me? It has a telescopic handle and front-wheel steering, like a wagon!

I’m crippled (I can say that because it’s true) and I can not carry things. This can be pulled right along with you!

It is a pretty great size with a 30 liter capacity. You can fit bottles, or canned drinks as well as food in it.

It also has a drainage plug to easily drain out the water once your ice has melted. No need to pick it up and dump it out.

Bonus? Yep, there is a bonus! This adorable little Volkswagen Bus cooler has a lock on it, no worries of anyone getting into your stash of goodies!

You can get your own on Amazon for around $330.00 + Free shipping! Totally worth it if you ask me. I mean, it’s freaking adorable.

Emma downes

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

I want 1 lol


Sunday 27th of September 2020

Like everyone else, I received a toy bus not a Cooler. This is a Scam cuz you can't reach them for a refund.

Joanne Wardlaw

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

I received a small Volkswagen in the mail today not the cooler. I'm disappointed. Joanne Wardlaw

Beverly Dellinger

Friday 18th of September 2020

I received a die-cast toy as well instead of the ice chest! Bunch of Bull Crap! Thieves!


Saturday 29th of August 2020

Ordered 2 of these and recieve a diecast van not a cooler. Send wmails and no answer

Thomas Coley

Thursday 13th of August 2020

Bought 2 coolers and they send me the die-cast model cars!