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Betty White Is Going To Star In a Lifetime Christmas Movie and I’ve Never Been More Excited

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Well, what happens when you take two things you love and stick them together? Magic. Magic happens!

Today I bring you happy news to brighten your dreary day at home.

I expect that taking Betty White and putting her in a lifetime Christmas movie would be the ultimate magic right? That’s just logic.

Let me remind you that Betty White is 98 years old and still rockin’ life!

People were so worried about her with the coronavirus. Social media was overloaded with posts asking about her wellbeing!

She had to let everyone know that she was just fine! She was trending on Twitter and fans were so confused and scared!


At her age, she is in the high-risk category, but really…this is Betty White, you really think a virus is taking her out?

So when we found out she will be starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie, we knew we had to let you all know immediately!

National treasure Betty White joins the Lifetime holiday family for an untitled Christmas movie in which she helps whip would-be Santas into shape, spreading the true meaning of Christmas and leading everyone to wonder: Is she secretly Mrs. Claus?

Lifetime Press Relase

At this point, there isn’t much information. Everything is shutdown due to the pandemic. So when we know more, we will for sure let you know!

Lifetime also announced some of their other holiday stars for the Christmas lineup. A few of them are Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, and Kelly Rowland.


Kelly Rowland returns to executive-produce and star in a sequel to her 2019 hit movie Merry Liddle Christmas with Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. Melissa Joan Hart jumps on the sleigh to direct Feliz NaviDad (working title), reuniting her with Mario Lopez, who is set to executive-produce and star as a single dad whose daughter tries to help him find the holiday spirit after the passing of his wife.

Lifetime Press Release

I just hope they are able to film in person and that these won’t all be movies about the Christmas holiday over Zoom and Facetime. I don’t want this to be our new normal.


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