Aldi Is Selling Dairy-Free Banana Milk and I Am Stocking Up

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Say what? Banana milk? I’m down for this for real!

I don’t drink real milk, I usually choose coconut milk over all of the dairy-free options. But, banana milk? Sounds like something I need to find and try!


I bet it would be amazing in smoothies! Adding a stronger banana taste to some of my favorites. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana is one of my all-time favorite flavors for a smoothie!


Also, it would be perfect for any fruit smoothies too! I always add a banana to my smoothies, so this would make it super extra!

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This little boy LOVES milk. All milk. Lately though, Mooala’s banana milk is one of his favorites! He loves the creamy texture and delicious taste but I love that is organic, dairy free, great source of vitamin c, and best part…. NO added sugars! Which is always a win in my book! I picked my @mooala_koala at my local @Walmart using their grocery pickup service which was amazing giving the current state of the world. Make sure and add it to your next pick up order too! Check out the link in my bio to find it at a store near you! #Mooala #plantbased #ambcollab #herMooalaWalmart #Walmart #plantbasedmilk #noaddedsugar #dairyfree #dairyfreemilk #plantbasedlife #dairyalternative #bananamilk #mooalabananamilk #0325mamas

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I have to get out in a bit and this will definitely be something that I will be trying to find! I think the kids will go nuts over this stuff!


@aldi.mademedoit on Instagram found it at her local Aldi and I hope I am as lucky! The bottled banana milk is made by Moola Organic.


This is organic milk and is made from bananas! It is also made with filtered water, roasted sunflower seeds, and a dash of cinnamon.

There is NO added sugar! It is also packed with calcium and potassium!


You can buy it in 48-ounce sized bottles. We assume that the original would taste like banana. Then they also have it in chocolate and strawberry flavors!


So it is called ‘Bananamilk’ and you can learn more about the kinds of milk they make and other products on the brand’s website. They even make non-dairy coffee creamers!

I am so ready for the banana nut creamer!! Bring it!


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