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You Can Get La Croix Candles For The Person That Is Obsessed with The Bubbly Drink

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One of my daughters is absolutely obsessed with La Croix drinks and her birthday is coming up soon.

She also loves candles, so I think these La Croix Soy Candles would be such a fun surprise gift for her.

So cute for the fellow LaCroix addict!!

Lisa Malear – Etsy customer review
WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

Not only do they use recycled La Croix cans as candle holders, but the candles are made from soy wax.

When you’ve burnt the candle all of the ways down, simply remove any leftover wax and the wick and recycle the can again!

WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

These candles are hand-poured and are from a small business, which I will happily support whenever I can.

WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

Not only will the house smell amazing, but you can feel good about purchasing and using these soy candles that are made with recycled La Croix cans.

WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

I think it will be a perfectly unique gift that will make her smile.

This candle is soooooo cute! Bought for my friend who is obsessed with La Croix and she loves it!! Great qualtiy and shipping was fast! THANK YOU!!

signsandsalvage – Etsy customer review
WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

They have several scent choices available, whatever flavor can you order will have a scent that matches it.

WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

You can order your own La Croix Soy Candles from WickedWomanStudio on Etsy!

WickedWomanStudio – Etsy

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