Oreo Is Releasing A Strawberry Frosted Donut Flavor With Pink Creme And Glitter

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Oreo has kept us on our toes this year, or should I say since last year.

Just when you think you’ve had enough, Nabisco cookies releases another Oreo flavor we can’t resist to try and today’s new flavor, consists of gold and pink.


Oreo’s newest flavor hitting store shelves is combining two desserts, their crunchy cookie recipe and a soft pastry. Introducing, Oreo’s newest line of cookies, Strawberry Frosted Donut.


Starting with the drool worthy details, each cookie consists of two crunchy and golden halves stuffed with two cremes including a pink colored, strawberry flavored creme mixed with rainbow sprinkles and also a donut flavored creme.


Not to mention, the strawberry filling is also packed with glitter; you can begin daydreaming of this cookie touching your tastebuds for the very first time now.

Courtesy of Nabisco

Better yet, Oreo is doing us a favor and releasing these cookies in the nick of time, specifically sometime in March of this year. The cookies will also be available nationwide wherever Oreo is sold and while supplies last, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products.


Whoever said you can’t have the best of both worlds because oh yeah, it looks like we can!


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