Banana Succulents Exist And They Look Exactly Like The Fruit

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Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, colors and in fact, there’s a specific succulent that looks exactly like a yellow fruit we all know and love.

Introducing the Sting of Bananas Succulent, a house plant that grows strings of banana, but not literally of course.

Courtesy of @theblackgirlwithcurls

This exotic plant grows leaves shaped like bananas and has the same color of bananas before they turn ripe.

Courtesy of @plantsbyzph

The voluminous succulent is great to grow in hanging baskets, displayed on shelves or anyplace where their long stems can cascade over edges or hang vertically.

Courtesy of NativeWestCalifornia

Similar to many succulents of its kind, the Sting of Bananas succulent is easy to maintain for that person who is constantly known as a “busy bee”.

Courtesy of @lilyandnyunyu

Partial light and partial shade works well for this house plant along with watering only when the soil is dry to the touch.

If you care for the plant like you’re supposed too, this succulent will grow relatively fast.

Courtesy of @lisissassy

In addition to the String of Bananas Succulent, there is a similar succulent that also grows leaves shaped like bananas except this plant is smaller in size and does not have cascading roots.

Courtesy of @lilyandnyunyu

The second banana succulent, also known as the “Jellybean Succulent” grows similar shaped banana leaves and is cared for in the exact same way as the String of Bananas plant.

Courtesy of NativeWestCalifornia

Whether you choose to pick a cascading banana succulent or one that’s more refined to place on the windowsill, both succulents have leaves that look like the sweet fruit we blend in smoothies to eat for breakfast.

Courtesy of @the.chickim.mama.farm

You can get your own Banana Succulent on Etsy for just under $5.

Courtesy of @kimberlyreneerussell

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