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Netflix Shared New Pictures Of Henry Cavill As Geralt In ‘The Witcher’ And It Is Giving Me Life Right Now

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If you haven’t yet seen The Witcher on Netflix, I’ll wait. You go watch it!

I got into Season 1 of The Witcher just as the pandemic was starting. I was missing my Game of Thrones, and I needed another medieval-type, fantasy esque show to fill that gaping void left by GoT.

Enter The Witcher.


This show became a bit of a binge watching obsession, and Season 1 was over all-too-soon.

With the world shut down, I began to wonder if we would EVER get a Season 2 of The Witcher, but now we have confirmation!! AT LAST!


The Netflix UK Twitter page has released a first look at Geralt of Rivia — new armor and all — and I’m so excited!!

Of course, in The Witcher style, the pictures are all dark and broody — and I love every bit of them!!

Courtesy of Netflix UK on Twitter

They tease us with the snaps just enough to satisfy my longing for Geralt of Rivia, but make us so ready for MORE at the same time!! Gah!!

Courtesy of Netflix UK on Twitter

The new season can’t come soon enough!!


Now, because I keep up with all things The Witcher on Instagram and Twitter, I know that the cast and crew are currently filming, and being very COVID conscious.


According to director, Stephen D Surjik, everyone is diligent about getting tested, wearing PPE, and social distancing. They are going to FINISH Season 2 without any pesky pandemic problems!!


So, one more time, here’s Geralt of Rivia with his previous armor versus his NEW armor. What do you think?

Courtesy of Netflix

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