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Volkswagen Brings Back It’s Iconic Bus and It’s Groovier Than Ever

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Volkswagen is keeping it groovy even in 2023.

What might just be the biggest comeback in car history, Volkswagen is bringing back the iconic bus but with new improvements.

Courtesy of Volkswagen

Think Scooby and Shaggy’s bus, but better.

Courtesy of @vw

What’s dubbed the ID. Buzz, the new Volkswagen bus comes all-electric.

So the only reason you should be stopping by a gas station is to grab a snack for the road because the gas pump isn’t necessary anymore.

Courtesy of @vw

Featuring a total of seven seats that can fit the entire family in one car including the cousins, this new bus is perfect to bring on road trips considering how much space is included with this vehicle.

There’s even a 25 cm increase in the wheelbase and overall length of the car which means there’s 4,962 mm of total length to stuff suitcases, Travelon bags, camping gear, and more.

Courtesy of @vw

Not to mention the colors on this model are stunning.

Fans of the bus can expect two-tone paint options and several new colors to pick from.

Courtesy of @vw

And better yet, it won’t be long until you’ll be picking your new two-tone colored Buzz because Volkswagen plans on releasing the new bus sometime next year!

The all new electric ID. Buzz from Volkswagen will make it’s debut to dealers in 2024.

Courtesy of @volkswagen

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